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Clip Art Maps offers an outstanding collection of editable, royalty free, outline clip art maps for students, education, and home. Our World of Maps editable PowerPoint maps can also be used for marketing presentations, illustration, graphic design and web. The maps are ready to download and edit for your projects.

The World of Maps collection includes editable World Projections, US Maps, Canada, US States, US Counties, Canadian Provinces, World Regions and Continents, Individual Countries and Globes maps.

States, countries and text are all individual objects and are easy to edit and customize. Maps are downloaded from this site in  PowerPoint format ready to use.

  • Clip Art maps are easy to modify and use with PowerPoint. They also work very nicely with Google Slides and Apple Keynote.
  • Maps are perfect for education, home, students, sales and marketing presentations, web sites, brochures, reports, newspapers, magazines, reports, newsletters, and classroom uses.
  • All electronic clip art maps are royalty free for both print and electronic uses and are available for downloaded 24 hours a day.
  • Royalty free license.
  • Secure ordering and download

Editable PowerPoint Maps

Our PowerPoint maps are completely editable. Each state, or country is an individual element. All text is editable. Maps work with all of the drawing tools that come with PowerPoint. You can change colors, pull out sections to build regions, add stars and boxes, and customize the text. The maps are perfect for any kind of worksheet, presentation, or project.

  • Each PowerPoint map comes already placed into a PowerPoint slide, just open and start to customize using the drawing tools that come with the program. 
  • Every element is an individual object, including all countries, states, counties and text.
  • State maps have major highways, capitals, cities, and waterways.
  • Largest collection of editable PowerPoint maps. World, World Regions, Countries, Globes, US, Canada, and States.
  • Country maps are broken down by administrative districts, and include capitals, and major cities.
  • We have two World Projection maps, Mercator and Robinson, that are broken down by individual country. Each country can be colored to highlight it. Plus many other Projections and Globes.
  • All PowerPoint maps are made up of objects that can be customized. Including the countries, states, provinces, and text.
  • Easy to add, change or delete text on every slide.

About Bruce Jones, Creator of Clip Art Maps​

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J. Bruce Jones is a #1 International Best-Selling Author, graphic designer, and product developer. Bruce writes, speaks, and consults on publishing, blogging, and product creation. Bruce is the author and creator of over 50 books, on geography, music, business, publishing, children’s, and coloring. He also practices Tai Chi and plays with his hula hoops when he gets a chance.

One of my passions is drawing maps. I have been drawing and selling editable maps for over 30 years. In my mind I am always traveling to the places I draw.

My royalty free maps were based on CIA, US Defense Department and USGS maps. I trace and redraw them. Then customized them for different uses.

• Our maps are sold across several sites. is focused on students and home. is focused on business, government and non-profit organizations. is our free site for jpg maps, books and more. And we have various others for different markets. has our vintage and antique jpg maps for design, crafts, and projects.

You can learn more about me at 

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