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Clip Art Maps World Collection of Editable Maps for PowerPoint


Clip Art Maps World Collection for PowerPoint is specially created for It is a downloadable collection of all the PowerPoint maps here on Perfect for home, school, teaching, and learning about geography. You can use the map for personal and classroom use. Create your own map worksheets to color or learn. Customize for your grade level.

Includes all of our PowerPoint maps in one download package
• USA and Canada Maps
• USA States Maps
• Canadian Province Maps
• World Projections and Globe Maps
• World Regional Maps
• Over 120 Countries of the World

Have our entire collection at your fingertips.

PowerPoint maps are fully editable. Perfect for studying states, countries, and regions. Each PowerPoint region, state, or county can be colored, customized, sections deleted or moved around, text can be added. You can also add stars and boxes to highlight areas. Easy to customize for a worksheet for students.

Maps include individual editable states, countries, regions, text names, in color. Over 200 maps, works with both PC and Macintosh PowerPoint, also compatible with Apple Keynote Presentation software and Google Slides.

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