How to Set Up a USA Sales Territory Map in PowerPoint

In this video we will set up a regional sales map in PowerPoint using our USA 50 State map. Our maps are easy to customize for your sales, marketing or educational presentations or projects. Every object in one of our maps is an independent individual object that can be customized.

For this training we will use one of our most popular maps the basic USA, 50 State, two letter names PowerPoint map. Each element in our maps is easy to edit and change. To change an element, you click on it with the mouse pointer. You can tell it is ready to edit if you can see the eight handles that will appear around the edges, once you click on it. You can now use all the drawing tool up in the Ribbon area at the top of the PowerPoint slide.

  • I find the easiest way to start building a territory map is to color the entire map with a basic color. To do this you select all the map elements. Either drag your mouse pointer around the map or you can choose Select All in the Edit Pull Down Menu. You don’t want to select the text, just the land.
  • Now that everything is selected, you can pick a color from the Shape Fill option in the ribbon. Maybe yellow, and now you are ready to build your territory map. The fill color can also be white.
  • Holding down the shift key on your keyboard you can click on the states that make up the territory you want to color. Once the first territory is selected, go up to the Shape Fill box and pick a color. Continue on to the next group, selecting the states and coloring them.
  • If you select a state by mistake with the pointer, just click on it again and it will deselect.

Everything you can do on the USA map you can also do with our County and Country maps. You can also create a sales territory map using our maps in Google Slides and Apple Keynote. Most of the customizing tools will be up at the top or on the right side of the slide.