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Clip Art Maps offers an outstanding collection of easy to edit, royalty-free, outline clip art maps for business presentations, illustration, graphic design, education, and home school. These are truly maps you can download and edit for all of your projects.

PowerPoint maps are completely editable for your presentations or projects. Each state, county, or country is an individual element that can be customized. All text is editable, maps work with all the drawing tools that come with PowerPoint. You can change colors, pull out sections to build regions, add stars and boxes, and customize the text. The maps are perfect for your latest project, business presentations, reports, and classroom or student projects. Our editable PowerPoint maps are also compatible with Google Slides and Apple Keynote.

Our Most Popular Editable Maps

North America Editable Map for PowerPoint, Canada, USA, Mexico and Central America

USA 50 State, 2 Letter State Names Map for PowerPoint, includes Printable PDF File

USA 50 State Map with Full Names for PowerPoint, Includes Printable PDF File

Ireland and Northern Ireland, Editable Map for PowerPoint, Includes Printable PDF

USA and Canada Combo Map for PowerPoint with Editable States, Provinces and Territories

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USA Powerpoint map with 50 states and names

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Royalty-Free Clip Art Maps • Categories

USA and Canada Maps

USA State Maps

Canadian Provinces and Territory Maps

World Projection Maps

World Continents & Regional Maps

World Country Maps

World Globes Maps

Royalty Free, Easy to Edit Maps
for PowerPoint

World of Maps Clip Art  Collections

Printable, Blank PDF Map Collections

USA & States PDF Maps
Canada PDF Maps
World Projection PDF Maps
World Regions PDF Maps

Printable PDF Map Sets

PDF Map Sets, includes World Regions, Globes, USA and States, Canada, and World Projections. Great for classroom exercises, teaching geography, and home school. Includes rights for photocopying.

  • Each map comes as an individual PDF file that can be printed out and colored.
  • Students can trace the outlines of the blank maps, study and highlight continents and countries, add names and features.
  • A great teaching resource for students

Printable PDF and Paperback Map and Geography Coloring Books

World of Maps and Globes
Coloring Book

USA Maps and the 50 USA States
Coloring Book

Canada and the Canadian Provinces Map Coloring Book

World Regional Maps
Coloring Book

European Country Maps
Coloring Book

USA State Maps
Coloring Book

Printable PDF and Paperback Map and Geography Coloring Books

Learn and color the basic geographic layout of the USA, Canada, World Regions, Projections and Countries with our World of Maps Coloring Book.

  • Books are great for coloring, home school, learning about the world.
  • Each map has one page with detail and the other page with a blank outline without any of the information, create a worksheet.
  • Students can trace the outlines of the maps, study and highlight features. A great resource for students and teachers.
  • The maps in our book collection can be freely printed or photocopied by a teacher or parent for use in a classroom or for home school lessons. 
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Maps for Home, School and Teaching

  • Easy to Color and Edit Maps in PowerPoint
  • Printable PDF Maps for Students
  • Royalty Free, Live Editable Text
  • Instant Download
  • Maps Compatible with PowerPoint, Apple Keynote and Google Slides