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Welcome to the new website. We have upgraded to a more flexible, mobile and easier to navigate site. We hope you find it more useful. All of our maps are available through immediate download to your computer. The new site gives us the ability to add more focused collections with instant delivery.

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Download our Top Ten Tips on How to Edit Your PowerPoint Maps How to Edit Your PowerPoint Maps [PDF]

Customizing Microsoft PowerPoint Maps for Windows or Macintosh

General Questions About Our Maps

Using Our Maps

Customizing Microsoft PowerPoint Maps for Windows or Macintosh

Can I edit my map in PowerPoint?

Yes, our maps can be completely edited in all versions of PowerPoint, including the newest versions. Every state, county, country or text block is an individual editable element. They can be colored, customized, move or deleted elements as you want. PowerPoint has a very nice collection of editing and drawing tools, located either along the bottom or along the side of your screen. Please see our page of instructional videos for full details.

How do I customize the PowerPoint Maps for my sales presentation?

All of our PowerPoint maps have individual elements that can be colored or moved or changed to highlight a section.
1 Click on the element; state, county or country, with your cursor to select it. You will see eight little white boxes or handles around the outside of the map to tell you it is selected.
2 When the element you want to color is selected, CLICK on the FILL MENU, the one with the paint bucket, near the right center of the TOOL BAR at the bottom of your slide and choose a color. You can also change lines, add drop shadows, edit or add text. Your customizing tools maybe in a different location depending on your version of PowerPoint, See video on How to Color a Map

I want to pull several states out of the main map to highlight them, how do I do this?

1 Holding down the SHIFT key allows you to select several states at the same time. Using your Cursor, click on the states you want to move.
2 Once you have the states selected, release the SHIFT key and while still holding down the Mouse Button drag the selected items away from the main map.
3 These states can now be customized using the tools in the DRAW TOOL BAR, you can change color, or line weight or fill pattern.
4 To keep this selection together after you have customized it you should GROUP them. You might need to reselect if you don’t see the little handles. GROUP is located in the DRAW Pop up menu.

How do I set up a Sales Territory Map in PowerPoint

How do I enlarge or reduce a state or county map?

To enlarge a single state select it with the cursor. Place your cursor over one of the corner handles of the selected map. Click on the handle, hold down the mouse button and drag in a 45 degree diagonal motion, the map will enlarge. Holding down the SHIFT key, will keep the map proportional as you change its size. See How Do I Enlarge or Reduce a PowerPoint Map

How do I enlarge or reduce a group of states or counties?

To enlarge several states or counties you need to GROUP them together.
1 Hold down the Shift key and using the pointer CLICK on the states you want to enlarge together.
2 Once the states are selected click on the DRAW popup menu in the TOOL BAR along the bottom and choose GROUP.
3 You will now see just 8 handles on your selected group. Place your pointer over one of the lower left or right corner handles. Click, and hold down the mouse button and drag the handle in a diagonal 45 degree direction. This will enlarge the group. Release your mouse button when you have the correct size. Pulling out, the group will enlarge, moving in towards the center it will reduce. Holding down the SHIFT key will keep things proportional.
4 Text elements will need to be re-adjusted manually, they will move to the correct place but in PowerPoint they do not scale up or down. You may also need to UNGROUP them and move them where needed. The text can be resized using the Font Tools along the top of the screen. See How Do I Enlarge or Reduce a PowerPoint Map

How do I color and individual state or country?

Select the state or country with the pointer, you will see the little handles around it, select a color from the Fill Bucket in the Tool Bar along the bottom of the slide. Your tooks maybe up in the Ribbon at the top of the slide. See How Do I Color a USA Map in PowerPoint

How do we divide a state into two territories and color them differently?

PowerPoint isn’t really a drawing program but we have found a fairly effective way of doing this. There are two ways to handle this.

The first is to copy the state and paste it right on top or on the side so that you can work on it. Go to the DRAW Pop Up menu in the Tool Bar and select EDIT POINTS, you will see all of the drawing points or handles. You then click on each point with the mouse pointer, while you hold down the Alt key on the PC or the Option key on the Mac, the selected point will then disappear. You work your way around the area you want to delete. You end up at some point with a part of a state. Give it its own color and stroke or line and place it on top of the other map. And presto you have a state that looks to the viewer like you have cut it in half. But in reality is made up of two pieces, a full state and half state. See How Do I Split A State Map in Half, Edit Points

The second way is to use one of the line tools (I like the one that just uses straight lines) and zoom in to 400% and trace over the outline of the state with the drawing tools.  Moving around it, tracing the shape of the state and just the part you want to keep. Give it a color and now you have again what looks like a state cut in half.

The drawing tools are located in the AUTO SHAPES pop up menu in the DRAWING TOOL BAR. In AUTO SHAPES select LINES, (we like the middle line on the bottom row, the FREE FORM LINE tool). With this line tool selected you can now trace over the map, making a complete closed path by clicking point by point around the edge. Bring the line back to the beginning point and give two quick clicks and you will have an object that can be filled with a new color. See How Do I Split a State Map in Half, Tracing

To make this easier locate the Zoom Box in the upper right hand corner of the top tool bar and select 300 or 400% so you can really see what is going on. If you need to you can adjust the points by selecting the new object with your pointer and choosing EDIT POINTS from the DRAW popup menu on the far left of the tool bar. Also make sure SNAP TO GRID is not checked. This method isn’t perfect but will work pretty well and allows you to set up the partial territories.

How do I highlight a city within a state?

One possible way to highlight a city would be to put a circle or box or custom shape around or near it.

Look in the AUTO SHAPES Pop Up box in the Drawing Tool Bar. PowerPoint gives you lots of pre-drawn shapes from boxes, to arrows, to stars, many different kinds. Select the AUTO SHAPES menu and choose one of the categories and then one of the shapes.

Take your pointer and click, hold and drag to generate the shape, dragging allows you to make it bigger or smaller, holding down the SHIFT Key keeps it proportional. Once it is drawn you can change the fill color or pattern or no fill at all just an outline, and then move it where you want. You may need to put it in front of or behind another object. This is done by using the ORDER option in the DRAW pop up menu. You can Send to Front, Send Backward, etc.

Are there stars or circles I can use to show my sales offices?

Yes, PowerPoint has an excellent collection of stars, arrows, circles, etc, that you can use to highlight office locations.

Look in the AUTO SHAPES Pop Up box in the Drawing Tool Bar. PowerPoint gives you lots of pre-drawn shapes from boxes, to arrows, to stars, many different kinds. Select the AUTO SHAPES menu and choose one of the categories and then one of the shapes.

Take your pointer and click, hold and drag to generate the shape, dragging allows you to make it bigger or smaller, holding down the SHIFT Key keeps it proportional. Once it is drawn you can change the fill color or pattern or no fill at all just an outline, and then move it where you want.

Check out all of our Instructional Video for customizing our PowerPoint Maps.

General Questions About Our Maps

Who is

We are part of the graphic design firm Bruce Jones Design Inc., specializing in business graphics since 1985. We originally developed our clip art maps in 1990 selling them by mail order and through catalogs. All maps were hand drawn and based on USGS, US Defense and CIA map collections. We also licensed maps from Canada and the UK. In 1996 we moved our products to the Internet, offering downloadable collections on a subscription basis and in 2007 a site with individual maps. We continue to update and add to the collection.

Do you have a secure site?

Yes. All of our orders go through our provider’s secure server. If you are at all uncomfortable with putting your payment over the web we will gladly process your order over the phone by calling (781) 492-0742. We accept American Express, VISA, MasterCard, Discover and checks (please call).

Do you compress or use some kind of security measure for downloading on your maps?

Our maps are stored and downloaded in .zip files. .zip is a standard compression technology that can be opened by both PC and Macintosh computers.

How do I order and download a map?

I need a receipt; how to I get one?

An electronic receipt is sent back to everyone by e-mail. Please be careful filling in the order form to make sure the information is accurate. You will also be able to printout a receipt at the end of the order process

What happens if I don’t like the maps?

Can I get a 100% refund, no questions asked?

Just call or contact us by e-mail and let us know the problem. We guarantee 100% satisfaction, or your money back. Call 781-492-0742.

When do I get my map?

You map comes to you in either of 2 ways. There is a download link in your website receipt once the order has processed and you can download right away. You will see the link with the product name in a Green Bar on the web receipt. And there will be an URL link in the follow up email that is sent to you. Either one will work. Be careful when you download your map to your hard drive. Sometimes they can get lost.

Using Our Maps

What do the Maps look like?

We have pictures and samples for you to review on the site, see sample page.

Can I edit and customize these Maps?

Yes, our PowerPoint maps are very flexible and can be easily edited. Each element is a separate object that can be customized. The PowerPoint maps are regular PowerPoint slides. Each map is made of individual elements that can be filled with color, pulled out to highlight an area and/or customize using all of the drawing tools along the bottom of your slide window. Please check out all of our Instructional Videos if you need help. You can also give me a call. 781-492-0742

How do I open and use my Map?

POWERPOINT maps are for PC/Windows or Macintosh PowerPoint from Microsoft. Our PowerPoint maps are full normal PowerPoint slides with the map in the slide. Once the map has been downloaded to your hard drive it is opened just like any normal PowerPoint file. The elements in the maps are ready to edit and change. Just select them with the pointer and choose some task from the Drawing bar along the bottom. See below for more details. Occasionally some elements have been grouped together to make the map easier to deal with. To edit these maps you need to SELECT it with your pointer and then ungroup it using the UNGROUP command in the DRAW popup menu on the bottom far left of your screen. Deselect the map and you can now customize any element

Can I edit the PowerPoint Maps?

Yes. After the files are opened in PowerPoint the maps can be edited. Every element is a separate object and can be customized to fit your needs.

We preload our PowerPoint maps right into a PowerPoint slide, this makes them easier to get going on your project. You don’t have to insert anything. All elements are objects and can be easily edited. To customize use the drawing tools along the bottom of your PowerPoint slide.

How do I open a PowerPoint Map?

You can either double click on the file icon on your hard drive or open the file from inside PowerPoint using the OPEN command in the FILE pull down menu.

Do you have USA county Maps?

Yes we do. Our maps come in PowerPoint format for PC/Windows or Macintosh PowerPoint. Every county is an individual element that can be customized and colored for your sales presentation. Our county maps come with text names that can be deleted if you want. The PowerPoint maps come two ways; A detailed county with each state with all of the counties enlarged to fit a slide plus a slide with interstate highways, waterways, capital and major cities. Also a regional set that can be fitted back together to build regional state territories with their counties and names.

In addition we also have a complete US National County Map in PowerPoint with all 50 states and over 3,000 counties and names.

And in PowerPoint a set of county maps that we broke up into regions to help you get started with your project. These map does not come with text labels but they can be added in from the individual state county maps.

Do you have Maps on CD-ROM?

No, All of our maps now come as digital download. But we do have the option to purchase the entire collection as a single item. See our collection, World of Maps Editable Clip Art Download PowerPoint Collection

Do you have Zip Code or Congressional Maps?

No we do not have zip code or congressional Map. The borders on zip code and congressional maps change to often and are much more difficult to draw. Please look at the resource list below for some alternative products.

Can I plot data from Excel or a database on your maps?

Our maps are straight forward PowerPoint files and their isn’t any real way to take Excel or other databases and drop them on to a PPT slide. Here are two excellent resources to check out that do offer this., a Windows based desktop software for mapping, viewing and realigning your territories. In the under $1,000 range. Can plot Zip Codes and County Information.

MapInfo Pro through MapInfo has been around a long time and is one of the big boy programs for analyzing data over a map. Used for combining data in many different ways with many plugin modules. In the over $1,000 and up range. Can plot Zip Code and County information.

Several other Mapping Products, this is just a list I don’t know anything about them other than they are replacements for MS MapPoint software which was discontinued in 2014.

Esri ArcGIS, combines data with geographical data, used for data analysis, provides contextual tools for mapping and spatial reasoning.

Terralign, used for creating sales territories, designed for smaller areas, balance sales territories, update new assignments

Badger Maps, mobile mapping app for field sales, helps your organize and visualize leads and customers in the field. Used for organizing your day.

If you have any questions about using our products please call me at 781-492-0742 or send an e-mail message.
You may also write to us.

Bruce Jones
Bruce Jones Design, Inc.
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